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Magma Tsunami

Original price was: 1.000.000 ₫.Current price is: 10.000 ₫.

Magma Tsunami is a challenge to your skill and patience. How far will you make it? Find out now and don’t let the lava wave catch you!

After loads of hard work, StrangeLight Games presents the Magma Tsunami’s Beta! It’s been a while since the first idea came up to us.

What was destined to be a couple of hours project for an independent studio became a thrilling adventure for a team willing to put their hearts and souls.

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Magma Tsunami is the debut project from Strangelight Games, an exciting new indie studio based in Barcelona.

This fast-paced game combines frenetic gameplay with a thrilling race for survival, challenging players to outrun an unstoppable wave of lava. Navigate through treacherous platforms, leap over rivers of fire, and dodge various obstacles, including falling stalactites and alien invaders.

In the primary \”RUN\” mode, the game ramps up in difficulty, demanding precise timing and quick reflexes. Originally designed as a multiplayer race, Magma Tsunami\’s evolving graphics and new world designs promise an engaging experience for both solo and competitive play.

Get ready to test your agility and endurance in this intense platforming adventure.

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Magma TsunamiMagma Tsunami
Original price was: 1.000.000 ₫.Current price is: 10.000 ₫.